Sassy's Goodies, LLC

Homemade Dog Treats & Cakes


**With all the Farmers Markets and shows we have booked we have closed the store for now.  Will post when we open up in a new location.**
We will be at the Greater Springfield Farmers Market at the battlefield mall on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the Nixa/Ozark Area Farmers Market on Tuesday evenings in Nixa at the corner of Hwy 14 & Main, and Thursday evenings in Ozark on the square, and at the Republic Farmers market on Thursday evenings, plus many other events as well.  To find out where we are at for the day check our Facebook page, we always check in at each event. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Feel free to call 417-597-3943 if you need anything.**


##There is a $15 minimum on delivery orders.## 


** Sassy's Special Flavor of the Month Club**

The 1st of each month we will post the Flavor of the Month.  For $10 you can receive this special package delivered to your door.  You may join for as many months as you like, we do not keep your card info and do it automatically, just order when you want the month's flavor.....ENJOY!!


                             ***August Flavor of the month is our NEW Flavor----Granola Bites***


These items are available also:

Pumpkin Cake or Banana Carob Cake that can be made in a Paw, Sheet Cake or "Pupcakes" and a Soft Turkey Treat..  These are special made to order. 


Email us for event locations.

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