Sassy's Goodies, LLC

Homemade Dog Treats & Cakes


Now taking orders for Christmas...we have stockings that can be personalized, several different containers, bags, and sets...December 15 is the deadline for shipping, December 20 for local delivery/pickup.








Stockings (can be personalized), with holiday treats & rope toy - $8

Sm Jar filled with treats - $15

Lg Jar filled with treats - $20

Sm Travel Mug filled with treats - $9

Lg Travel Mug filled with treats - $12

Mailbox filled with treats - $15

Glass mug filled with treats - $8

Gift Bag with rope toy - $15

Gift Box with rope toy - $15

Individual Packs (4 lg) - $3


Flavor choices for stockings are - Pumpkin, Banana Carob, Peanut butter or Granola bites.

All others are mixed, but you may special order a single flavor.


**Orders over $30 are FREE Shipping (under $30 will have a $5 shipping fee**)


##There is a $15 minimum on delivery orders.## 







Email us for event locations.

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